Unsere Materialien

How often have you longed for timeless jewellery that can be mixed and matched with your everyday clothes and worn for different occasions - from parties and honeymoons to everyday leisure or work wear?

Jewellery is a woman's best friend and the perfect way to enhance an outfit. Nowadays, our jewellery is often used as symbols for engagements, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.
925 sterling silver

Wir bieten ausschliesslich Edelschmuck aus hochwertigem 925er Sterlingsilber an. 925 Sterlingsilber ist ein Edelmetall aus mindestens 92,5 % reinem Silber. Es ist sehr strapazierfähig und für den täglichen Gebrauch geeignet. Alle unsere silbernen Schmuckstücke werden mit einer Rhodium Beschichtung besiegelt, für den maximalen Schutz und Qualitätsbedarf. 


18k Gold Vermeil

Our gold jewellery is 18k gold vermeil. Vermeil refers to the thickness of the gold coating that is applied to the 925 sterling silver. Thanks to this thick gold coating and the high quality workmanship, the gold does not fade and we are allowed to call our products water resistant.


Handmade with love

Each of our jewelry is made with loving handwork. For the production we use only carefully selected, sustainable material. All jewelry is still designed by the founder. In each piece of jewelry is a lot of work, which is just waiting, accompany our customers in their everyday lives.


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